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Re-Localizing Communities

Introducing ...
In Communities Of America

Empowering Citizens, Businesses & Government...

...And All Things Community To Come Together In One Revolutionary Platform for the Purpose Of Re-Localizing Communities of America. To Strengthen Civic Engagement by Encouraging Greater Citizen Involvement In Local Decision-Making Processes. Emphasizing the Ideology of Localism Where Citizens Have a Direct Voice In Shaping Local Policies and Initiatives That Affect Their Daily Lives And the Lives Of All Citizens In The Community. To Empower Local Governing...
...Of The People, For The People 
and By the People!
Help Us Promote 
In Your Community

Grass Roots America

The United Communities Of America (UCA),  Is Proud To Introduce What We Believe Will Be The Most Powerful Network of Everyday People  In Their Communities, Businesses, Government Officials and Non-Political Groups & Organizations In The Country, If Not The World. Our Amazing Portal Will Empower The People Of Every Community In America To Come Together With the Loudest Voice That "We The People" Have Ever Been Able To Express. 

The Greatest Power Of Our Portal is Found In The "We The People's Town Hall" (WTPTH). Every State, County & Community registered In Our Platform Can Participated in This Amazing Portal. It Was Created Not Only To Give The People Of America A Powerful Voice, But Also to Provide Them With The Truth Instead Of All The Propaganda That Is Found Everywhere Today. This Platform Provides A More Reliable Choice For Truthful Resources, Education, Information, News, Conversation, Discussions, Free Speech and so much more.!
Bringing Power To The People By Uniting The Power Of Diversity & Bringing Greater Awareness Of Truth In All Issues Via Every Community In The Country!
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Learn All About Us Below...
What Is Our Objective?
(1). To Provide Easy Accessible Communication... 
...To The Opinions And Concerns About All Local Issues, Directly From “We The People.” The Local Citizens Can Form Special Interest Groups, As Well As Starting Forum Discussions. This Enables The General Public To Hear, Share And Discuss Things Before The Media Puts Their Spin On It All. Now, All Local Citizens Can Hear Directly From The People In Their Own Communities, Right From The Comfort Of Their Homes.  
Citizens Praesentation.jpg

 (2). To Bring Together & Collaborate With... 

The Many Active Groups & Organizations...
...Across The Country That Are Sharing Powerful Messages at Local, State & National Conferences, Seminars, Podcasts, Live Streaming Events, And More. Their Powerful Messages Typically Consist Of What We Can Do As A People To Save Our Country.

However, These Important Messages Are Usually Only Heard By Those In Attendance. Now, As They Join And Share Their Dynamic Messages On Our Platform, Their Excitement Will Encourage Many More People Within Their Communities To Become Involved.

(3). To Encourage The Everyday People...

... To More Easily Become Familiar With The Issues effecting their community, more easily connect with their local representatives, and to have a place to voice and express their interests and opinions  in Their Communities, We Also provide  The Tools & Resources for the everyday people  To Share & Act In A Timely Fashion In Order To Make A Difference. Our mission is to support and empower individuals through collaboration and collective action. In our communities we are family.
Now Is The Time
To Empower The Everyday People
To Hear The...
From Their ...
So, How Do You  Get Started?
What Is The Peoples Town Hall?
1. Register Your State and/or Community.
By Registering Your State or community you will begin a process of empowering the local residence. You will be providing the local citizens with a voice in your State/Community. You will be introducing a powerful community platform for people to share their opinions and ideas. The platform will include online groups, forums, surveys, podcasts, live streaming events, Town hall meetings and a variety of other tools and resources that are all built in and ready to be accessed and utilized. Learn More

2. Join Your Local...Peoples Town Hall
In each of the Member State & Communities in the United Communities Of America will consist of our powerful "We The Peoples Town Hall", well as a number of other amazing tools and resources to empower the Everyday People.
We provide people a voice through local media outlets such as newspapers, internet radio, streaming television, podcasts,  blogs and other live streaming events. This allows people to express their views and be heard by a larger audience. Learn More

3. Become An Executive Team Ambassador In Your State Or Community
The Executive Team Ambassadors we are seeking are individuals who have a true passion to serve their communities and country. 

Our ETAs are typically defined as the grass roots patriots who truly want to make a difference by striving to be heard on State and community issues. They want more than to just be in the loop. They want to lead the march by taking action in more ways than words.
Our ETAs are the people we are seeking to be Team Leaders (Lions) in the communities, counties and and the state level of our We The People's Town Halls throughout the communities of Utah. Learn More

4. Join A Grass Roots Organization In Your Area
Additionally we provide people a voice through grassroots organizing and advocacy. This includes attendance at local City Counsel Meetings, Chambers Of Commerce, Non-profits, Organizing Rallies, and engaging in other forms of activism.

All of these methods help
to ensure that the people’s voices are heard and that their opinions are taken into account when decisions are made in their communities. Learn More
United Communities Of America Is Developed...

Of The People, By The People And For The people.

Join The Club
Get Started Today!
We Are Inviting All Citizens Of America To...


& Join Us!!
Let Your Voice be Heard
There Are More Than 330 Million Of Us In America. When We Pull Together With The Blessings And Power Of God, We Can Have The Loudest Voice, As Well As The Most Power To Make The Changes Needed Across the Country, Especially In Our Communities!  
Divers group with Flag.jpg

We Invite You To Step Up & Help...

Make A Difference Today! 

We Know That Your Only One, But You Are One! You Can't Do Everything, But We All Can Do Something. And The more Of Us That Join Together The More We Can Do, Not As One Person But As One Group! Be The One...Encourage Others To Join You! 
Your Country Needs You !
Your Community Needs You! 
... Become One Of The Wheels of Progress In Your Community
Is Currently Launching
...our unique and powerful network of "We The People's Town Halls" in all communities throughout America.  Each state, county and city will have a "Town Hall" equipped with all of the tools and resources making it possible for all citizens to take a
proactive role in bringing Together A Potential ..
  • 50 States
  • 3500 Counties
  •  & More than 37,000 Communities
It's The Peoples Place! Make It Yours...
In Your Community!
We Are Going Big! 
Be There! 

It's Been Said That
There is  Power
In Numbers!

10 Million
Patriots Is Our Goal
Join The Movement
So We Are Inviting...
...All The True American Citizens...
...from Every Community In America, To Join In The Most Ambitious People & Community Initiative, To Secure The Liberty Of The People, By The People And For The People!
Who Are The People?
All The American Citizens 
Who Love Their Country!

Bring greater transparency, truth, vision  & sustainability to your city and county by including family participation in locally sponsored activities and events. Let us be an example of peace and happiness in our communities and our homes. It's totally up to "We The People" and our GOD, to sustain the rights and privileges afforded us as citizens of the greatest country on earth. 


Local Business Owners

Connecting With Local
Citizens And Elected Officials! 
Businesses can connect with local citizens by engaging in community outreach initiatives, sponsoring local events, donating to local charities, or volunteering with local organizations. Businesses can also connect with local citizens by hosting events or workshops in their stores or offices. Additionally, businesses can use social media to connect with local citizens by creating content that is relevant to their local community. And finally, businesses can connect with local citizens by attending local networking events and engaging in conversations with local citizens.
Support Change!
Take action!

 Citizens & Their 

All Coming Together In One Amazing Place!
  • You are invited to take an active part in the greatest Peaceful Patriot Movement in the country, as we build the most comprehensive & organized network of Self-Sustaining Cities & Counties.  

  • A powerful network of convenient local resources & services, as well as education & information providing the everyday people (citizens) a more convenient access to..."All Things Community"

Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness!

Elected Officials & Educators

Locally elected officials, laying out a clear path to transparent participation by listening and responding to the local political needs, outlined by the citizens.


Groups &
Groups and organizations are important for many reasons. They provide a sense of community, support, and a platform for people to come together and work towards a common goal. They can provide resources, education, and advocacy for their members. They can also be an effective way to network and build relationships with like-minded individuals. Getting involved with groups and organizations is a great way to make a difference in your local community.
Local Patriots
...provide the local community with a unique way to support their favorite causes. Through our platform, customers can connect with local non-profit organizations and donate to the causes they care about most. Our services foster a sense of community and solidarity, giving customers the opportunity to show their support for their local causes.
City & County Elected Officials
The County Commission is responsible for making decisions that affect the people of the county. The people of the county have the right to voice their opinions and concerns to the County Commission. The County Commission should take into consideration the opinions and concerns of the people when making decisions. The people then need to be informed of the decisions made by the County Commission and how those decisions will affect them.
The City Government can partner with citizens in a variety of ways. One way is to create a citizen advisory board or committee that meets regularly to discuss issues and provide feedback to the City Government. This board or committee could be made up of representatives from different neighborhoods, businesses, and other stakeholders. The City Government could also partner with citizens by hosting public forums and town hall meetings to discuss issues and solicit feedback from the public. Additionally, the City Government could create online surveys and polls to gather input from citizens on various topics. Finally, the City Government could partner with citizens by creating volunteer opportunities for citizens to get involved in their local government.
And so many more local Non-profits, Chambers Of Commerce, Health & Wellness, Police,
Fire Fighters, etc.

It's The Peoples


it's our rights, privileges, liberties & economy that's on the line. let's step up as the citizens of our communities!
all are invited to 
We Need Leaders!
In Each Of Our Communities

We Need Local Representatives From All Walks Of Life!

America and every community in it are made up of a diverse ethnicity. As a country we embrace that diverse culture. America's foundation is built on a culture of diversity. Each of us need to stand for

  • our homeland heritage

  • the American dream

  • our safe and friendly communities 

  • Support and protection of a fair and honest election system in our communities.

  • the defense of liberty and the pursuit of happiness

These are just some of the things we as Americans have and want to maintain. Let's all help keep America the greatest country in the world. It all has to start locally so we encourage you to Join Us In Your Community, TODAY!

What's Needed In Each Community?
Community Ambassadors & Volunteers

We Need Non-Partisan Community Leaders

Who are Americans First and Formost

Many communities and the country are currently experiencing a political party division. That needs to end. We need Community Ambassadors who will help bring all citizens back to...

  • thinking as one nation

  • a diversity of opinions

  • expression of ideas and creativity

  • respecting others opinions

  • friendly discussions of issues and concerns

  • a two party system of government

  • respect of the rule of law

  • respect and adherence to the constitution

  • etc.

That's what makes communities and nations grow. We need to hear, act upon and grow our communities together. We are a two party government for a reason. We need community representatives, (Ambassadors) who will help maintain and  support that system in their communities.

For Our

Visit Utah


We Offer a Simple Turnkey Package  
Of Tools & Resources
For A Convenient Way To Serve Your Community!

Pick an hour, a morning or afternoon, a day or a week, or whatever time works best for you.


We need volunteers of all...

  • ages

  • types

  • talents

  • and donners!

If we are going to save our country it is going to take us all to work together at the community level while recognizing it is going to take the involvement of Gods hands, & our willingness to volunteer and serve Him & our fellow man within our communities. 

check out the info below & then choose a community
to serve!
Here Are A Few Of The Things You Can Help Make Happen In Your Community... Today!


Action Committees

Sponsorships & Promotions

For Local Events

Webinars, Seminars, Podcasts & Blogs

Live & Streaming Town Halls

 education, Classes & Training 

Get Involved Today!
All Things Are Possible... 

With the Right Platform, The Right
People, & Trust In God!


Check Us Out

Come & See What's In It For You!

Grab Your Friends and Volunteer Today!


Let's Use Our Diversity to Secure Our Liberty!

Help Us Support The Following Causes Of America.
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